This is the blog of Jim Harrison, Pastor of Red Mills Baptist Church in Mahopac Falls, NY.

I have chosen “A Fine Work” as the title of the blog in reference to Paul’s words in 1 Timothy 3:1:

“If any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.”

It is my joy and privilege to do that fine work.

Pastor Jim Harrison is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University) and Denver Seminary. Prior to coming to Red Mills Baptist Church in 1993, Pastor Harrison served in various capacities on the pastoral staff of churches in NJ, Denver, CO, and Southfield, MI. He is devoted to the Solas of the Reformation and the doctrines of God’s sovereign grace. His ministry is characterized by a commitment to strong doctrinal and expository preaching which stems from an unswerving conviction that the word of God is the sole and sufficient rule of faith and practice.

Pastor Harrison’s ministry is extended beyond the Mahopac area through, seminars and conferences, and occasional radio appearances.  His writing can be found at various places around the internet, as well as in periodicals such as Touchstone magazine. Pastor Harrison has also served on the Executive Committee, and as Chairman of the Conservative Baptist Spurgeon Fellowship, a group of Conservative Baptist pastors who are committed to the doctrines of grace and seek to act as a voice calling the church back from its love affair with the church growth movement to a renewed confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture.

Since 1984, Pastor Harrison has had the great privilege of being known as the husband of Fran. Fran is not only a mother of their two grown sons, but also an invaluable co-worker in the gospel, exercising her great gifts of hospitality and teaching.  Fran has also earned her Master of Library Science degree from Long Island University and serves as a Reference Librarian at the local public library.

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